1. The journal publishes original articles (volume of 8-14 pages) on problems of scientific researches and scientific and technical development in the field of creation and application of the modern information technologies and highly effective management systems of a wide profile.
  2. Manuscripts of articles are reviewed. The subject of the provided articles shall correspond to the rubricator (the estimated section of the rubricator is specified authors).
  3. Article is provided in the form of one file of the MS Word 97-2003 format (.doc, .rtf) and two the printed copies identical to the electronic version. Files with article, data on authors and illustrations shall be placed in archive (the archivers WinZip, WinRar with the maximum level of archiving).
  4. The title of article shall reflect completely its contents, and it is desirable to structure the body text with use of subtitles Introduction, Theoretical analysis, Technique, the Experimental part, Results, List of references.
  5. Article shall contain: UDC index; name, keywords; initials and surnames of authors; the name of the organization in which work is performed, the summary (till 5 lines) - all in the Russian and English languages; text of article; list of references.
  6. Article shall be signed by authors. Permission on the publication (the letter or the expert opinion on possibility of open publication) shall be certified by the printing and the signature of the responsible person.
  7. The separate file of the MS Word 97-2003 format (.doc, .rtf) shall contain data on authors and the organization in which work is performed: surname, name, middle name; academic degree, academic status, honourable levels and ranks, position; operation place; the postal address with specifying of an index; phone with specifying of a code of the city; e-mail address; the full and reduced name of the organization in which work is performed; specifying on consent of publication at the expense of authors
  8. When typing only standard fonts of the size 14 пт - the Times New Roman and Symbol shall be used. Single spacing. A4 paper size (210*297 mm), portrait orientation. Fields of 25 mm everywhere. Width of tables shan't exceed 120 mm.
  9. Figures are provided in separate files of the formats .tif, .jpg, .wmf, .bmp, .pcx with permission no more than 300 dpi, and also (in addition to article) on single sheets. On the back of each leaf the name of article, a surname of authors, number and the name of an illustration is specified.
  10. Figures shall join in the text of article only through the Insertion menu - "Figure" - "From the file" - ", to connect to the file", "not to store in the document", "not over the text".
  11. Figures shall be only black-and-white, without halftones, thickness of lines at least 0.5 пт. The size of a figure shan't exceed 120 (width) *160 (height) of mm. Letter and digital symbols in the figures inserted into article on an outline and the size shall correspond to designations in the text of article.
  12. All illustrations are followed by the caption signatures including number, the name of an illustration and if necessary - the reference designations.
  13. Caption signatures shan't contain in graphic files.
  14. Formulas shall be executed only in built-in "Equation editor". Formulas need to be collected a direct font (the main size of the character of 14 pt) and to number on the right in parentheses. Formula length together with number shan't exceed 10 cm.
  15. Literary links in the text of article need to be specified in square brackets, numbering of literature shall be made as mentioning.
  16. Format of the literary link:
    Articles: list of authors; name of article, name of issuing, year, volume, numbers of pages.
    Monographs: list of authors; name of the monograph, publishing house, year, number of pages.
  17. Manuscripts in which these requirements aren't observed, aren't considered. Manuscripts don't return. The editorial board reserves the right to reject the materials of advertizing character which aren't paid as advertizing.
  18. Materials are provided to the address of the editorial office (magnetic carriers, and papers) and on E-Mail: (electronic version).