1. The author of article submits article and necessary accompanying documents according to rules of veneering.
  2. The working group of the magazine in three-day time carries out verification of article and the submitted accompanying documents and informs the author on (not) compliance of materials to rules.
  3. In case of detection of disharmonies to the author opportunity of repeated submission of article is given.
  4. In case of successful verification of article and the submitted accompanying documents article within ten-day term is transferred to reviewing in essence.
  5. The publication reviews all materials coming to the editorial board that are relevant to its subject matter, with a view to their expert evaluation. All reviewers are recognized experts on the topic of peer-reviewed materials and have published in the last 3 years on the subject of the article being reviewed. The reviews are kept in the publishing house and in the editorial office of the publication for 5 years.
  6. Article presented by the author is reviewed by the expert of an editorial board of the magazine in the form of the expert questionnaire approved by an editorial board. Examination has the closed character, the review in the form of the expert questionnaire is provided to the author of unsigned article and indicating of a surname, position, place of work of the reviewer.
  7. In case of existence of noncritical remarks of the reviewer in essence the author is given opportunity of correction of materials with the subsequent repetition of subitem 1-5 of the Order.
  8. The final decision on adoption of article of the author and its placement in one of the issues of the magazine is accepted at a meeting of an editorial board of the magazine about what entry on the review is made.
  9. The editorial board informs on the made decision of the author as is initiative, and by his inquiry. The editorial board refers the author of article which isn't adopted to the publication by his inquiry motivated refusal.
  10. The editors of the publication send copies of reviews or motivated refusals to the authors of the submitted materials, and also undertakes to send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the corresponding request to the editorial office.